Appliance Maintenance Tips

In case the customer experiences any trouble with their purchased product, they can contact  appropriate customer care by phone or visiting their website which offers a variety of customer support information such as warranty info, self-help guides, parts & repairs, updates to software, and owner’s manuals. To ensure integrity of all purchases most brands recommends that customers purchase their products from  Authorized Dealers only to help prevent the purchase of products that may have been tampered with, refurbished, or damaged – all of which can void the warranty.

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

  1. If your  dishwasher doesn’t start, make sure that it is plugged in. Also check that there is not a fuse that needs to be replaced or a breaker thatneeds to be reset.
  2. Make sure that the door is completely closed also and that there is nothing preventing it from sealing completely closed. Most dishwasher will not run if the door is not registering as being completely closed. Also make sure that the water supply valve is open as well because it won’t work if it’s not.
  3. Make sure that you have not pressed the delay button on your dishwasher. This will cause the machine to delay when it will start. This could be a simple fix to this common  dishwasher problem.
  4. If your  dishwasher isn’t filling up, that most likely means that there is a problem with the water supply to the  dish washing machine. Check to see that the valve for the water supply is opened. Also, you will want to make sure that there are no bends in the line that could be keeping the water from getting where it is supposed to go.
  5. You might also need to change the water pressure on your machine, depending upon where you live.
  6. Many dishwashers have overflow-detection on them. Make sure that this is not turned on. If it has been turned on, then this is most likely the problem.
  7. If your dishwasher seems to be running longer cycles than it used to, the issue might be with the water supply to the machine. You will find that if the water temperature is too low, the cycle will go on for longer because the machine is trying to heat up the water. Turning up your water heater could be the resolution to this issue that you have.
  8. If you have soap suds leaking from your  dishwasher, you might be using the wrong type of detergent.

Refrigerator  Maintenance Tips

  1. One common problem that people have reported having with  refrigerators is the condenser fan becoming clogged up with dust. This can refrigerator-repairhappen to any refrigerator. Allowing dust to accumulate within the fan can later cause problems like the fan failing. It can also cause problems such as failure of the compressor within the refrigerator, which is the primary cooling apparatus in the refrigerator.
  2. You may also experience problems with the flooding or leaking of the drain pain. If your drain pain, is allowing a leak, it can cause your refrigerator to flood. If the leak is around the drain hole of the refrigerator, that can actually cause it to freeze. When this happens, you will find that your refrigerator doesn’t cool off your food like it once did. It also might just perform in a strange way that you haven’t noticed it behave before.
  3. The door switch can fail. This switch controls a number of things, including the light in the refrigerator, as well as the fan in the refrigerator. A broken door switch is not something that you want to leave without repair on your machine because it could damage the compressor on the machine.
  4. Another common occurrence is broken shelves or doors. This can cause problems with storage as well as convenience. Finally, the temperatures on the machine might behave strangely. This problem is indicative of a bad thermistor in the machine.