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ASKO Brand Introduction

The ASKO Company was built on the idea of energy and water efficiency. The creator of ASKO Industries was Karl-Erik Andersson, who had a love for the environment and nature. His dreams led him to build a washing machine that would meet up to the standards of his mother, who he designed his first washing machine for. He had great results, and decided to open up his own company to manufacture these types of products. He built his company on his family’s farm and that is where it still is to this very day.

The ASKO Company now makes a variety of different products, all highly water and energy efficient. They try to use steel rather than any kind of plastic in their manufacturing process because they want to be friendly to the Earth. Their machines are very high quality, they have very good performance, and are extremely durable. They are also all listed under Energy Star, which shows their commitment to be environmentally friendly.

ASKO Brand History

The ASKO Company began in 1950, with a Swedish man called Karl-Erik Andersson. He had wanted to make a dishwasher for his mother, who was very meticulous about her washing machines. His product was hugely successful, and he was able to make his business take off, right from his family’s farm. The company that he created was named ASKO Appliances.

The first ASKO building was opened up in the United States in the year 1987. The Company continues to have much success with their products, while at the same time remaining friendly for the environment. In the past sixty years, they have had many accomplishments as a company.

In 1990, they were placed on the U.S. Department of Energy Standards Committee, which is a huge honor. They made a staking washer and dryer system in 1992. In the year of 1999, they got the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, which is another huge environmental honor. They have had an all-day every day call center for customers since 2004.


 What Type of Appliances does ASKO Produce?

The ASKO Company makes a variety of different products in the field of dishwashers and laundry systems. One product that they make is a high capacity dish washing system. This ASKO dishwasher has the capacity of seven baskets as well as four racks, which gives it a lot of space for people to use. They also have an ASKO dishwasher that has the most space that is available for people to use. Another amazing product in the lineup is the ASKO extra extra large dishwasher. This machine actually has a height of fifteen and a fourth inches available for people to load up dishes.

Another product that is very popular is they have is their ASKO washer and dryer pair that is a horizontal axis machine. They have made the only completely integrated system for laundry that exists today. Finally, they have the ASKO dishwasher that is TouchProof™. This means that the ASKO TouchProof™ dishwasher is made of completely Stainless Steel and is resistant to finger prints.

ASKO Appliances Common Problems

As with any appliance, sometimes problems develop with the appliance. ASKO tends to have issues with dishwashers. One common problem that can happen with ASKO dishwashers is when the machine won’t turn on. This can mean a number of different things. Sometimes, the dishwasher will turn on just fine, but it won’t fill up with water like it should. You might also experience issues with a cycle of the dishwasher going on for too long. Sometimes that can be indicative of a temperature issue in the machine. Another common issue is soap or soapy water leaking from the ASKO dishwasher.

These are the most common issues that a person can experience with an ASKO dishwasher. However, there might be other problems as well that aren’t listed here that aren’t necessarily specific to ASKO dishwashers. Your particular issue could be different from those that have been listed.

ASKO Appliance Repair

If your ASKO dishwasher doesn’t start, make sure that it is plugged in. Also check that there is not a fuse that needs to be replaced or a breaker that needs to be reset.

Make sure that the door is completely closed also and that there is nothing preventing it from sealing completely closed. The ASKO dishwasher will not run if the door is not registering as being completely closed. Also make sure that the water supply valve is open as well because it won’t work if it’s not.

Make sure that you have not pressed the delay button on your ASKO dishwasher. This will cause the machine to delay when it will start. This could be a simple fix to this common ASKO dishwasher problem.

If your ASKO dishwasher isn’t filling up, that most likely means that there is a problem with the water supply to the ASKO dish washing machine. Check to see that the valve for the water supply is opened. Also, you will want to make sure that there are no bends in the line that could be keeping the water from getting where it is supposed to go.

You might also need to change the water pressure on your machine, depending upon where you live.

ASKO dishwashers have overflow-detection on them. Make sure that this is not turned on. If it has been turned on, then this is most likely the problem.

If your ASKO dishwasher seems to be running longer cycles than it used to, the issue might be with the water supply to the machine. You will find that if the water temperature is too low, the cycle will go on for longer because the machine is trying to heat up the water. Turning up your water heater could be the resolution to this issue that you have.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, check with ASKO. If you have soap suds leaking from your ASKO dishwasher, you might be using the wrong type of detergent. Use granulated soap, rather than the liquid type in ASKO washing machines.

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