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Thermador Appliance Repair

With the pace of innovation that the company has been on since its inception, it is hard to believe that already over 75 years of manufacturing excellence and support is packaged in every Thermador appliance that gets shipped to customers. And of course, because of the quality craftsmanship and technological leadership that Thermador has consistently achieved, almost every customer knows to expect a leading edge Thermador cooktop or refrigerator or oven that will work for years, blending seamlessly into your kitchen. It’s no accident that when Julia Child’s kitchen was accepted for permanent exhibit by the Smithsonian Institute, her beloved oven was a cutting edge Thermador.

A Proud History

The company was founded back in 1916 by William Cranston. One of the first types of appliance that they introduced to customers in North America was a lineup of toasters. Competitive with other manufacturers of the era, they soon developed a set of strengths and advantages in appliances that utilized heating. Cranston then moved ahead with development of a farmer’s heated stool and a line of space heaters. The initial space heater design was rather like a forced air fan that blew hot air due to the heating elements attached. Within the space of a couple more decades, growth allowed for continuous innovation, bringing stainless steel and convection ovens together in a way that revolutionized American cooking.

At the same time, in the far reaches of Russia, the German army had invaded, bring much death to both countries. When the Germans were finally defeated and their equipment captured, the Russians and Americans that came into contact with them discovered that they were cooking their food using rudimentary microwave ovens because it was a more portable solution than cookstoves. Within a few years after World War II ended, Raytheon and Thermador and other companies had figured out how to manufacture microwave ovens, remaking the modern kitchen again.

By the time the 1960’s rolled around, the company continued its string of technological firsts by releasing Thermador self-cleaning ovens, the first ever made.

Today, a lot of the innovation efforts have shifted towards providing the most efficient type of cooking experience that one can have without sacrificing quality. In 2012, Thermador introduced a steam and convection oven that combined two potent cooking types in order to more efficiently cook food in almost any fashion that it can be prepared. Similar efforts have sliced the amount of cooking time for specific dishes by a significant degree.


Focused, yet Possessing a Plentiful Variety

Back in the 1920’s when the Thermador space heater was one of the largest products, Thermador had factories in Los Angeles and Oakland California. After the merger with Siemens and Bosch several years ago, they consolidated a lot of their manufacturing back east in North Carolina and so today, your orders will come from that factory in all probability.

And what does get manufactured comes in one of three categories: cooking, refrigeration, or dishwashers.

Of the product categories, Thermador dishwashers is probably one of the most ubiquitous products. They come in a very large variety of shapes and sizes and often build in features that many other dishwashers do not consider; such as 2012’s Sapphire model that built in support for extra-large wine glasses, an important considerations for families that are willing to spend more on an oven or refrigerator.

Thermador burners and Thermador cooktops set the standard for quality in North America at the contractor level and are often included in high end homes as an extra incentive for the purchaser to buy.

The range of Thermador refrigerators and Thermador wine refrigerators that are available starts with a small cooler and work up to one of the largest refrigerators available for home use

What to Watch Out for Once You Do Buy

Thermador appliances do not typically have problems related to design or function when used within the operating environment that is listed in the product specifications.

On the other hand, there can be problems from time to time with overaggressive design impacting functionality. The 2010 model Thermador ovens were a good example. They were recalled after a few fires started in houses where they had been installed. It turned out that the insulation between the oven walls was installed in a faulty manner. There were no injuries, thankfully. 370,000 ovens were recalled and repaired before being returned to the customer.

Another problem that occurs with Thermador gas ranges is that they are sometimes set to automatically ignite and forgotten about- meaning that they can and do respond to unscheduled external stimuli. They have been known in some households to ignite on their own and refuse to change their behavior until the electrical panel box is reset.

Thermador Appliance Repair

Once in a great while, your Thermador refrigerator or Thermador dishwasher will stop working completely. If this happens, chances are, it remains under warranty. Always keep your warranty information in a drawer or a file somewhere in your home. If you lose it, you can still always go to the Thermador website and contact them. They will show you how to both troubleshoot your appliance and learn how to identify it for them.

If the problem doesn’t seem to be something obvious, then it is likely that they will ask you to get your dealer involved. Either by browsing the website or working with Thermador directly, you should be able to lookup the name and address of the dealer closest to you.

Upon occasion your Thermador oven might start showing an “F-24 or F-25” while you are trying to program it to cook. This is a known error that can be easily remedied by turning the oven off using the off button and waiting for a few minutes before attempting to use it again.

One of the main causes of this and other display errors on Thermador ovens is the fact that over time, people that use the ovens get adept at entering information and so do so quickly. They actually are typing too fast for the system to handle it and so it starts to throw errors. The remedy is to relax, slow down, and enjoy your Thermador cooking experience.

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