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9 Tips for Making Your Air Conditioning System More Efficient

Air Conditioner Installed Properly In OttawaIn order for your air conditioning system to adequately cool your home and to keep from running up your energy costs, it needs to run efficiently.  An efficient system will also last longer because it doesn’t have to work so hard to do the job it was designed to do.  To make your air conditioning system run more efficiently, here are some suggestions for you.

1.  Clean any debris from around the outside unit.  Bird feathers, leaves or trash can get blown and stuck on or around the unit.  Keep the grass, bushes and other growth around the unit trimmed back so your unit can operate properly.

2.  Dirty filters can slow air circulation, so replace any dirty filters with new ones.  You should replace your filter once a month to keep your AC system working at its peak efficiency.

3.  Insulate the air ducts with fiberglass insulation after your ducts are sealed.  This will help reduce your energy costs.

4.  Make sure that the unit’s fins are clean and are open.  They can accidentally be closed by bumping into them and it can keep the cool air from circulating throughout you home properly.  Also, purchase a soft brush to clean the fins with on a regular basis.

5.  Cover your outside unit or make sure it is shaded by trees to help keep it protected from the sun’s heat.  According to the US Department of Energy, a shaded AC unit will work up 10% more efficiently than a non-shaded unit.

6.  Use a programmable thermostat and increase the air temperature when you’re at work or at night when you’re sleeping.  You will save up to 9% for every degree you raise the thermostat during the summer.

7.  Check for air leaks in your home and insulate when you find them.  Check around doorways and windows to ensure you have good insulation as that will help keep the hot air outside and the cool air inside where it belongs.

8.  Keep your attic ventilated as hot air can get trapped inside of it and raise the temperature in your entire home.  Use a reflective cover on the roof to your shingles from absorbing the heat of the sun.  If necessary, use a box fan to draw the hot air out of the attic so it is cooler.

9.  Western and southern facing windows should be covered with drapes or solar shades so the heat from the sun doesn’t come through the glass and raise the temperature inside of your home.  By blocking out the sun, you will ensure that the house is cooler and your AC unit doesn’t have to work hard to cool the house.

Follow these suggestions to help make your AC unit run more efficiently and save money.  To have someone come out for an air conditioning repair, Santa Monica residents can call us to repair or maintain their air conditioning systems and make them more efficient so they can save money by reducing their energy bills.