Dacor Introduction

Dacor Appliance Repair

Dacor manufactures and distributes innovative appliances. Their appliances are made in the United States. Dacor is a family owned company with a family atmosphere. Dacor’s appliances are available at more than 2400 authorized retail locations throughout the United States.

Dacor History

Stan Joseph opened a small appliance store in California in 1933. His wife Florence supported every decision that Stan made regarding his appliance store. Stan Joseph’s creative mind and supportive wife led to the invention of the first indoor electric barbecue and the first kitchen ventilation system. To expand their business the Joseph’s founded Dacor in 1965. After Florence and Stan’s sons Michael and Anthony grew older they joined the family company. The Dacor company is still under the ownership of the Joseph family. Dacor has been under the ownership of three generations of the Joseph family. In 1997 Dacor came up with a company value statement which is “honor god in all that we do”.

Dacor High End Kitchen Appliances

Dacor sells high end luxury kitchen appliances. They have three series of appliances to satisfy the needs of everyone. Some appliances that Dacor manufactures include Dacor cooktops, Dacor warmers, Dacor wall ovens, Dacor outdoor grills, Dacor indoor electric grills, Dacor microwaves and etc. The three series Dacor has to offer in kitchen appliances is the Discovery, Renaissance and the Distinctive series.

The Discover series by Dacor is mostly used by chefs. This series is for the more experienced cook. This series can be found in bakeries and other professional settings. The Discover Series is very high quality.

The Renaissance series by Dacor is for people who like to cook a lot but they are not professionals. This series can be found in most kitchens of people who enjoy cooking and like quality. This series by Dacor is high quality but not as high quality as the Discover series. Like most appliances, this series of appliances is not for everyone. This series is very technical and does more than the basic appliances do.

The Distinctive series is what Stan started out making when he first started his business. The products in the Distinctive series are for regular kitchens and for normal cooking use. This series does not offer the technical things that the Discover or the Renaissance series offers. This series of Dacor appliances may not be for everyone because it is very basic. Although this is not a highly technical series of appliances, the appliances that come from this series are still of high quality and made in the United States. American made products are important if you want our economy to grow.


Dacor Appliance Repair

Like most appliance companies, Dacor has its problems. Dacor appliances are known to look great in your kitchen and people think if a product costs a lot of money, then it will last longer and not have any problems.

Dacor ovens have had relay switch problems. Customers have said that they have had to shut breakers off to get the beeping to stop so they could use their oven in peace. The Dacor ovens also have had display screen problems. More than twenty customers have had their display screen go out and had to pay two hundred dollars to get it fixed. The customers that ended up getting their display screen fixed said that within the next couple of days, the whole oven stopped working.

Once the Dacor oven hits 200 degrees customers have said that the oven will shoot out a flame. There was a recall on a Dacor oven that was shooting out flames, but customers that were having the problems had a different version of the oven and Dacor would not fix the oven under warranty. They also have issues with the burners not igniting.

Dacor dishwashers have problems with their circuit board. When customers went to get the circuit board on their Dacor dishwashers fixed, not only did it cost more than six hundred dollars fixing, the circuit board did not help get the Dacor dishwasher up and running. After the circuit board was fixed, it would short out. Many customers have suggested not to buy Dacor dishwashers as they tend to have loose wires, and circuit board problems.

Dacor refrigerators are known as unreliable, as some customers have to check their fridge every few hours to make sure it is still running. Many customers have said that the circuit board of their Dacor fridge went out causing their fridge to turn off and on at random times. Some customers have said that the circuit board killed their fridge completely causing everything in the fridge to rot while on vacation. The failing circuit board happened to a few customers not even a year after purchasing the appliance. These customers got a new appliance because of their manufacture warranty, but when they got their new unit, it did the same thing a few months later.

Common Dacor Appliance Repair Solutions

Common repair solutions to most of the major problems of Dacor appliances is to simply call a repair man. All repair men can fix most of the minor problems with Dacor appliances. If you are experiencing problems that you cannot diagnose yourself you can also call Dacor’s customer service. Dacor customers have complained that their customer service was not very helpful.

Dacor is known to send out a repair company that may be able to fix the problem that you are experiencing, but they more than likely will never give you a new appliance, even if yours is under warranty. Some repair solutions could also be to buy a new circuit board for your Dacor dishwasher if that needs to be replaced, but you may just be wasting your money. The customers with Dacor oven problems all ended up buying different ovens because they could not find a solution to their problems. Dacor would not replace their ovens or burners that were shooting flames and the consumers hired countless repair companies to come and try to fix the problem, but most of them never got resolved.

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