KitchenAid Repair Santa Monica

KitchenAid Refrigerator Repair Santa Monica

kitchenaid-repair-santa-monicaIn the old days, people used extremely resourceful measures to preserve food. One common method involved salting or smoking meat. These practices effectively reduced the amount of moisture that was retained in the food. The lack of moisture made the meat a less favorable environment for bacteria and mold growth, which would spoil the meat. These processes required an adequate amount of time and dedication to increase the longevity of meat.

Today, modern conveniences have practically eliminated the need for those types of archaic but effective practices. People are no longer forced to hand wash dishes or even hang clothes outside to dry. Instead, with the push of a few buttons, those same chores are  accomplished with a fraction of effort. This doesn’t infer these innovations are maintenance free. Most refrigerators are very reliable, but if you use the following tips you will keep your KitchenAid Refrigerator repair to a minimum.

One of the easiest ways to keep your manual-defrost KitchenAid Refrigerator repair free is to monitor the buildup of ice. Most of the units require little to no maintenance because of the manual defrost function. If the freezer portion of your refrigerator begins to accumulate ice or large blocks of frost, it may be time for you to act as your own KitchenAid Refrigerator repair professional. When the frost reaches a thickness of approximately ½ an inch, you should first take all of your food from the freezer and the refrigerator portion as well. Next, simply turn the thermostat of the refrigerator completely off. An alternative is to unplug the unit from the power source. Once the unit is unplugged, you should leave the doors open so all of the frost can melt. After the frost has melted, restore power and the temperature back to normal in the refrigerator. Before you place the food back into the unit, you should make sure the refrigerator is back at its normal operating temperature. This simple maintenance operation will help minimize your KitchenAid Refrigerator repair bill.


A large number of KitchenAid units are actually self-defrosting, which do not require the previously explained procedure. This unit practically has an internal KitchenAid Refrigerator repair system that actually defrosts any ice that accumulates on the coils. At the bottom of the unit is a relatively shallow pan that stores the water from the defrosted ice. Nevermind the accumulated water because it will evaporate. This simple but effective KitchenAid Refrigerator repair system defrosts as well as evaporates the remaining water. However, if the water in the pan underneath the refrigerator sits too long, it will develop a smelly mold. To rectify this problem, you should periodically clean the pan from time to time. The coils underneath the unit may also require an annual cleaning. To do so, you should first unplug the unit. Next, you should use your vacuum cleaner to remove any type of obstruction such as: pet hair, lint, fabric, human hair, or debris. These simple tips will help keep your KitchenAid Refrigerator repair bill to a minimum.

KitchenAid Grill Repair Santa Monica

Warm weather brings chirping birds, blossoming flowers, and outdoor fun. The gorgeous weather provides an excellent alternative to the chill that characterizes winter. However, Spring and Summer wouldn’t be the same without the outdoor barbecues. Beer battered chicken, fresh grilled squash, and the scent of barbecue sauce are all staples of the inaugural cookout. As you walk out to your old trusty grill, the possibility of needing KitchenAid Grill repair never crosses your mind until it is too late. Instead of being caught by surprise, you should preemptively fire up your grill days before you intend to use it. Doing so will allow you to diagnose whether you can make a few quick adjustments or call your KitchenAid Grill repair professional. The following information addresses the most common problem associated with gas grills.

First, you should understand that your gas grill is outside and endures the elements of nature. While your gas stove seemingly works on demand, you cannot always expect the same from your outdoor gas grill. The only way to ensure you will retain your status as master of the grill, is to know and understand your grill. This means, you should ignite the grill to make sure everything is working properly.  You should see a strong blue flame. If the grill produces a low or yellow flame, your grill may have a faulty regulator. The regulator is the hardware that manages the amount of gas allowed to flow to your grill. Low or yellow flames commonly indicate a faulty or sticking regulator.

If your regulator is sticking, your flame will never get hot enough to properly cook your masterpiece. Before you pick up the phone to call your KitchenAid Grill repair professional, you can do a quick diagnosis to determine if the call is necessary. Before you begin to manipulate or repair your grill, make sure all hoses to the fuel source are disconnected. As an additional safety precaution, ensure the tank valve is turned off. Once you have ensured safety, the following steps may solve your problem.


1      Follow all above mentioned safety precautions. Open the lid of your grill.

2      Adjust all of the knobs controlling the flame to the highest setting.

3      Allow the control valves to remain on high for at least a minute. By doing so, you are attempting to release the built-up pressure on the regulator.

4      After you have allowed at least a minute to pass, return all of the valves to the off position.

5      Properly connect fuel source or tank back to the gas line. Slowly and gradually open the gas valve of the tank.

6      Lastly, iignite the grill as you normally would.

If your grill ignites with a strong flame, you have solved your problem and saved the day. If the grill continues to give a low flame, repeat the process. If your grill fails to emit the proper flames after the second trial, your regulator may be faulty and need to be replaced. In this case, you should call your KitchenAid Grill repair professional.

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