Fisher Paykel Brand Introduction

Fisher & Paykel Appliances is a solid innovator in the appliance market. If you want sophistication in your kitchen, this is the brand to go for. The good taste of their designers will have your guest talking for hours and hours about your kitchen. Fisher & Paykel are recognized not only by the looks of their design, but also by the distinctive quality of their technology.

The keys to this brand are passion and performance. For example, top chefs love cooking with gas for its effectiveness, and they also love cooking with Fisher & Paykel appliances for their durability. Fisher Paykel stoves are particularly famous; Fisher & Paykel design durable stove models that hide the cooktops for easy cleaning and increased durability. The performance and the experience afforded by this brand are beyond parallel in the world of appliances.

Although most of their designs are minimalistic, the key to Fisher & Paykel inspiration is nostalgia, or the notion that a sophisticated appliance can be as easy to use and traditionally looking as the ones from earlier times. The use of aluminum and simple cuts in most of their appliances makes for an easy to coordinate kitchen. Indeed you can even purchase models from distinct generations and be sure they’ll match and look great in your kitchen. Usability, performance and style make this brand a serious alternative for sophisticated chefs and traditional cooks with a sense of refinement. Even in the washing room, where Fisher Paykel dryers and washers dominate, we see the same elegance and attention to detail as in the kitchen.

Fisher Paykel Brand History

Fisher & Paykel started in the 1930s as a manufactured of licensed products. As their production costs were higher, they needed to innovate to save on product housing and achieve economies of scale. Fisher & Paykel succeeded in bringing new technologies to market in order to differentiate their products and bring in competitive prices for its customers. Singlehandedly they introduced: pre-painted steel for cabinets, polyurethane plastic liners for refrigerators, minimal DC motors used to create super compact dishwashers, etc. Since their humble beginnings the company has expanded to USA, Europe and its brand is ever-present in top chefs’ kitchens the world over. Since then, any Fisher Paykel stove or fridge has been synonymous with elegance and quality.

What Types of Appliances does Fisher Paykel Produce?

You can buy all your home appliances from Fisher & Paykel. They manufacture cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, fridges and washing machines. Different models are available on each category and, regardless of price and size, all the models carry the same attention to detail and convenience that has made the brand famous. Fisher Paykel stoves are particularly famous; along with Fisher Paykel dishwashers they lead the sales of the company.


Fisher Paykel Appliances Common Problems

These are different according to each product line. Usually, since Fisher Paykel products are so compact they tend to get quite a bit hot. So ventilation, solenoid overheating and the usual fuse change are things to keep in mind to prevent damage and repair these units.

Fisher Paykel Appliance Repair

Most of their appliances have microprocessors, which tend to fail in very hot or cold environments. Head to the user guide to find the code of the appliance’s error and act accordingly. Sometimes a simple temperature adjustment might do the trick. Their dishwashers are somewhat “prone to breaking” after improper use, so just be very cautious and read the instructions before loading up the dishes.

Additional Tips

Fisher Paykel Appliance Repair

  1. Check all the connections for leakage. People assume that dishwashers and refrigerators won’t vibrate as much as a washing machine and hence discard the possibility of leakage created by the appliance’s natural movement (the plumbing disconnects) but the reality is that most of these moves might be the result of small quakes or the whole kitchen vibration. In that sense, a weak connection might separate from your appliance if the environment warrants it.
  2. Ensure the appliance has adequate ventilation. Pay special attention if you own a Fisher Paykel microwave. Try to move things around in the kitchen to give each appliance the adequate ventilation its manual prescribes. Don’t place “hot” appliances immediately near to each other. (think stoves and microwaves)
  3. Don’t disassemble appliances. Not even the most basic Fisher Paykel cooktop! Fisher & Paykel Appliances tend to be fairly complicated so don’t even try to fix them. Instead just call a certified technician. Since these appliances are so expensive it’s truly best to try and preserve them as much as you can and no to damage them by trying to repair something you’re not 100% comfortable with.
  4. Only call certified service centers. Otherwise your warranty would be void. Use the customer care locator on Fisher & Paykel’s website to find your nearest service center. Next, take your appliance there or set up an appointment. Practically in all areas of USA you can have a Fisher & Paykel technician come to your home for an initial free or cheap estimate. Think first in the technicians that performed the original installation, as they might be able to perform the job faster.
  5. Your appliance should have a three-year warranty. Be mindful of this period and call technical support with ample time to allow for repeat visits. During this time, store the appliance manual in a safe place; consult with your technician about any major kitchen remodeling, etc., and performed the required (although mostly basic, maintenance requirements).
  6. Clean your appliances weekly, especially your Fisher Paykel stove. Remove dust and spills from your appliances as soon as possible. Most Fisher & Paykel appliances carry microprocessors, which are prone to breaking if exposed to dust and spills. Take good care of your appliance by cleaning the exterior once a week and calling a technician to clean up the interior once a year.
  7. Keep kids away from these appliances while they’re working, especially your Fisher Paykel washing machine and dishwasher. Avoid excessive vibrations or accidents by keeping your children removed from the kitchen main appliances. Use this rule of thumb for every major electronic device to keep your family safe. Is very important that Fisher & Paykel appliances be given adequate space to operate freely. Given their efficiency is it to be expected that stoves and dishwashers will start working at full capacity in a very short time span. Keep that figure in mind, as a fast-start can be dangerous for unattended children.

Familiarize with the appliance manual and keep buying from the brand to coordinate your kitchen and save on maintenance costs. As you become more accustomed to Fisher & Paykel, all these maintenance and prevention guidelines will become more natural.

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